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Quality Pet Care

Providing professional certified pet services in your home where your pet and family are most comfortable is important when pet travel is not a simple task. Many dogs are to reactive for group training and senior dogs can have great difficulty getting in a car and heading out to  a veterinary office or therapist. Home services makes life a little easier for the entire family 

Certified Dog Training

All dog training techniques are based on scientific studies of how dog learn. Harsh tools and corrections are unnecessary in order to teach your dog what it is you would like him to do and not do. Science based training can be a lot of fun for everyone and it is the fastest most effective way to train you dog not to mention the kindest method as well 

Therapeutic services

Therapeutic services consist of therapeutic massage, photonic therapy and use of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. All of these methods are very effective for pain, joint mobility,  and to advance healing from trauma and injury. Essential oils are not only very effective for health related issues but many oils will help animals with behavior issues as well.

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