Essential Oils

Natures Medicine


Essential oils have been used medicinally for centuries and very effectively. The problem today with oils is purity. Many oil companies cut oils with synthetic substances that can be incredibly harmful to our pets. The FDA requirements for  oils to be labeled organic only requires 10% of that oil to be organic,that leaves us with a possibility of 90% synthetics.  When it comes to oil use on pets quality is absolutely vital. Animals, especially cats can become very ill and even die from synthetic oils. There are many stories out there about oils being dangerous to our pets, it is not the oil it is the synthetic products used in them today. There are guidelines for safety with oil use of course but used properly oils are quite safe and very effective. 

Top of the Tail K9 uses only the purest oils available on today's market and the results can be remarkable.  

Essential oils can treat a wide variety of health issues and help relieve pain and inflammation in senior dogs, oils can also be a tremendous help when it comes to training and behavior issues.  Many dogs that suffer from fear and anxiety have had tremendous results when we add oils to a behavior modification program.