3 to 5 second application per point makes treatment easy to tolerate.

Photonic Therapy

What is photonic therapy

Photonic therapy is often referred to as a non invasive form of acupuncture, it is the application of a very powerful red light that is not laser light. This is applied with a veterinary device for a matter of seconds. This light penetrates deep into the skin tissue stimulation nerves  to promote pain relief and healing.

The technique used by Top of the Tail K9 was developed by Brian McLaren an Australian acupuncturist and veterinarian well known as the founder of photonic therapy. 

Brian created a system applying photonic therapy to the acupuncture meridians along the body allowing us to treat an incredible amount of issues in humans and animals.

Top of the Tail K9 treats a wide variety of animals with photonic therapy not just senior dogs. From reptiles to horses there is a pathway to better health for all.

One human treatment free with a pet therapy treatment. 

Therapy services are not a replacement for veterinary care.